Installation (foam, wire grille, chains, keychains), variable dimensions + soundtrack 3'07'', played randomly during the exhibition time by the visitors

Untitled (is desire a synonym for longing?), 2021

is a work about lack and loneliness, and about feelings. Feelings can be hard sometimes, but are meant to be felt. “I miss you” is not a message directed to a particular person, but is a love one for dance, party, oxytocin and all other happy hormones that are produced when we experience pleasure and intimacy. The soundtrack (a remix of a famous pop song from the 90s) reminds us of something we used to know by heart – part of a collective experience – and reactives the feeling of togetherness.

About the artist

Alizé Rose-May Monod

Bern, Switzerland

They inspect societal spaces & question the structures of power. Interested in relationships & exchanges, they propose alternative spaces of community & collectivization of queer experiences.
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