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The Octopus Is Dead

The octopus is dying. A xenofeminist
process of changing the world. White sheet
instead of a coloring page. A face dirty with
milk from chocolate flakes. Vampire
octopuses, sucking oppression and
injustice, stand shoulder to shoulder with
dying sisters. They no longer sprout ink out
of fear, but to write new, better words. Many
years have been lost in their cave full of
shells, now safety has become a value that
must be fought for and must be sacrificed.
I have eight tentacles for eight bad men,

About the artist

Julka Walkowiak

Poznań, Polska

I believe in a bio-feminist and anti-systemic future, full of a policy of care and loyal communities. I am looking for new forms of resistance that will consist in creating a new world.
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