Strong sisters told the brothers

A poetic manifesto evoking other lesbian and queer statements, by Radicallesbians (The Woman Identified Woman, 1970), The Lesbian Avengers (Dyke Manifesto, 1992) and Queer Nation (The Queer Nation Manifesto, 1990). Translated and modified by the artist, they create a collage immersing the experiences articulated in it in the contemporary Polish reality. Showing how the heterosexual privilege works, the artist encourages us to reflect on our own position in the world of patriarchal domination and

About the artist

Liliana Zeic (formerly Liliana Piskorska)

Wrocław, Poland

visual artist, activist. In my art practise I am undertaking the subject of queer lesbianism and non-heteronormativity, considering their construction and potentiality.
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