Root System (the ‘about’ action is limited so the description is unfinished)

For a long time I’ve been thinking of what to consider as my roots. Geographically, I’m living on two cities – St Petersburg and Khabarovsk – both are on the edges of Russia within a 5000 miles distance. I miss my home so much every time I go somewhere. Even though I can fullfill my ambitions while being in a big city, some part of me feels sick when being far away from my roots. My roots? May I consider my roots such place as a hometown? Shall I seek for where my family tree grows from?

About the artist

Alina Sakhnevich

St Petersburg, Russia

My art is for everyone who may relate to being a young adult in a rapid and unexpected world. For all the laughing heads and crying in their beds. I love you and I’m here to speak up for you.
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