5304x7952 px

This artwork is on display at RainbowHouse, Rue du Marché au Charbon 42, 1000 Brussels

queering traditions

Being queer is still criminalized in 69 countries around the world. In Spain, the third country in the world to legalize homosexual marriage in 2005, LGBTQ+ people are still murdered.
When I look at my community, I see strong and brave individuals; people who had to face violence, even before realizing who they are. People forced to hide their personality in order to survive. This is my love letter to everyone who doesn’t follow the cis-heteronormativity that society imposes on us since birth.

About the artist

Icía Vázquez Rodríguez

A Coruña, Spain

Icía Vázquez is a Spanish fashion designer and photographer.In 2020 she is awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study photography in New York. Her work questions the social conventions imposed on gender
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