Digital Photography

This artwork is on display at RainbowHouse, Rue du Marché au Charbon 42, 1000 Brussels


With the following project I will try to:
a. Give a fresh perspective on womanhood and the making of sexual politics in Cyprus;
b. Explore sexual power dynamics and how they are influenced in a post-conflict, post war society;
c. Explore desire and the making of womanhood in the shadow of post-colonial, post- capital and of ethnonational, populist, neo-Nazi discourses;
d. Look into sexual desire and (queer) women in Cyprus;
e. Bring forward the discourse about female desire/pleasure

About the artist

Irini Kattou

Nicosia / Sheffield, Cyprus / UK

What sparked this journey was the need to express my angst and confusion that I had with my body. I like to play with the concept of the ‘conventional’ and bring out work with a dark twist.
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