short video clip / mp4 / 2 min 37

Ode au Con

Inspired by the Appeal of June 18th by French President Charles de Gaulle, who was calling for a free France in 1940, oddinmotion is calling for every cunt to be freed, celebrated and not given as an insult.
Due to its percussive and short sound the word “Con” [or cunt in English] has become one of the most used offense in France, along with “putain”. Unfortunately, many cunt-bearers are not aware that “con” is a body part, a respectable and lovable one.

About the artist

Aude Fondard

Marseille, France

as a performer & poet in motion, I explore personal landscapes, outside influences and the spaces between. I use words, images and dance to go through a transformative journey, ritualized at times.
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