"Ma" joint project

Matrioshka “Ma” joint project

Russian doll has always been a symbol of the ideal woman – motherhood, integrity, creativity, infinity. I want to show another side of femininity and make so-called “vicious women” with convictions, hypersexuality, not straight, sex workers and so on. This matryoshka cannot be opened; we can not see an endless series of subpersonalities hidden inside. With this series, I want to explore all the gradations of this very “shadow” femininity today, expose it and “take it out of the shadows.”

About the artist

Julia Belova and Nadia Frolova

Vienna/Lisbon, Austria/Portugal

Julia is a post-Soviet queer lesbian* migrant artist currently working and living in Vienna. She works with the themes of body image, queer sexuality and not straight relationships.
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