installation, dimensions variable, building plaster, lifts, steel rope, video found footage 01:55

I would rather not talk about this at church

There are several Polish villages known for their tradition of preparing huge Easter palms. In 2007,one of them was visited by the President of Poland; During his speech at the mass, he revealed Poland’s position with regards to the ratification of Treaty of Lisbon. He said This document contains, mainly, correct statements. However, there are also points which may later lead to rights to marriages that are not a relationship between a woman and a man.I would rather not talk about this at church

About the artist

Liliana Zeic (formerly Liliana Piskorska)

Wrocław, Poland

visual artist, activist. In my art practise I am undertaking the subject of queer lesbianism and non-heteronormativity, considering their construction and potentiality.
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