+/- 300words.

This artwork is on display at rile*, 62 Rue des Commerçants,1000 Brussels

i fell asleep crying in a butch’s arms (in yours, actually)

This poem is the first i ever wrote about butch4butch love. Having only recently discovered this part of my identity, it has quickly become a subject that i’m fond of, and that i find important to write about, since butch identities and lives have been, and still are, quite unknown even in some part of the LGBTQI+ community.
With this poem written to my partner, i adress the sensibility of our relationship but also political themes and aspects of it, developing in a cis-het-center society.

About the artist

Caim Stibert

Brussels, Belgium

My pieces (whether it's illustrations, poems, zines...)come from deeply personal subjects-queer relationships, gender identities, mental health- that I find important to share and connect with others.