9"x 10"x 6", dried gourd, acrylic paint; found spandex, plastic, and metal objects, 2021

“Gourd Dressed as Grape”

I adorn dried gourds with found, machine-made objects, fusing the “natural” and artificial. This, along with the suggestion of sexual organs of both humans and plants within the sculptures, point towards a kind of queer animism. Using the gourd as figure or canvas, attention is constellated in the most minuscule, synchronistic moments when these disparate elements happen to fit together seamlessly. (Full artist statement on website)

About the artist

Kristine Roan

Somerville, United States

I'm a multidisciplinary artist. Dried gourds have become my cardinal medium. Courting chance, I seek out discarded objects found in isolation from their mass-produced clones with which to adorn them.
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