written tale / 1 690 words / 9 836 characters / 10 minutes read


“Embrasement” is a fiction, the portrait of a flying woman about to die. Written for the Prix de la nouvelle érotique 2020, i suspect it wasn’t selected because of its queer vision and the lack of usual heterosexual sex. Ignoring the background task given at the time of writing (“cure the ill by the male”) which I found revolting, I used photographs from UNE HISTOIRE MONDIALE DES FEMMES PHOTOGRAPHES, by Luce Lebart & Marie Robert. Most importantly the self-portrait of Anne Noggle, 1982, p. 284.

About the artist

Aude Fondard

Marseille, France

as a performer and poet in motion, I explore personal landscapes, outside influences and the spaces between. I use words, images and dance to go through a transformative journey, ritualized at times.
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