Cover is about 25x35cm

This artwork is on display at rile*, 62 Rue des Commerçants,1000 Brussels


“AMOURS QUEERS” is a collective zine made in 2021, including various submissions and artworks around the subject of queer love. I published an open call around March and then collected submissions, including some of my works, and put it all together to make a zine, in the form/medium that I thought was the best to express the numerous way we see and experience love, as queer people (obvi in a non-exhaustive way)
Cover is screenprinted and inside, there are drawings, poems, small zines and more)

About the artist

Caim Stibert

Brussels, Belgium

My pieces (whether it's illustrations, poems, zines...)come from deeply personal subjects -queer relationships, gender identities, mental health- that I find important to share and connect with others