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3. How I became a lesbian on 2018

Lesbian* performativity is rebellious acts, space for the “insulting” hanging of rainbow flags on national monuments, pissed-off feminist slams, pissed-off and sophisticated drag king show, labrys banners, writing for the drawer, lesbian kiss, sensual images, unfinished projects, sketches, stroking cats and shaving the beard…
The film was made as part of the activities initiated by Sistrum Association. Lesbian* Culture Space.

About the artist

Monika Rak/Agnieszka Małgowska / Feminine Creative Tandem

Warszawa, Poland

We no longer want to deal with mutating forms of lesbian* “disappearance”. We don’t want to look at changes that marginalise non-heteronormative women. The presence of lesbians* is unstable.
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