1.Canvas on board, 30x50, acrylic painting 2.Canvas on board, 40x50, acrylic painting. 3.Canvas on board, 50x60, acrylic painting

1.Meduse 2.Girls-1 3.Girls-2

1. This work is my reflection on Ancient Greek myth. It’s always interesting, how the old story is changing with time and depends on who is the storyteller. The ancient monster from men’s myth becomes a symbol of all deceived and forgotten victims in our time.
2.The main topic of this painting choice. How much our choice is really our own? How to separate our choice from societal pressure? Is the personal really political? And how safe do we feel after leaving the closet?

About the artist

Mari Kotsiuk

Kyiv, Ukraine

My art is all about women and nature. I'm enjoying the process of searching fine lines and forms, more than picking a color. Maybe that's the reason why I prefer black ink graphics more than painting
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